Immediately Upcoming

9/29 7:00 pm at Johns Hopkins Medical School (PCTB 113, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine):“Beyond Fact and Method: St. Thomas Aquinas on Science, Truth, and Wisdom” by Fr. James Brent, O.P. (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception).Register here.

9/29 8:00 pm at Columbia University (Corpus Christi Catholic Church—529 W 121st Street):
“The Gods of the City and the City of God: Augustine on Politics” by Dr. Russell Hittinger (University of Tulsa). Co-sponsored by Columbia Catholic Ministry. Register here.

10/3 7:30 pm at New York University (the Catholic Center at NYU)

“Spiritual and Religious: Why We Owe God an Hour a Week” by Fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P. (Saint John’s Seminary). Co-sponsored by the Catholic Center at NYU. Register here.

10/3 6:15 pm at Yale Law School (Room 129, Yale Law School)

“A Theory of Justice: Catholic Social Teaching from Leo XIII to the Present” by Dr. Russell Hittinger (University of Tulsa). Register here.

Past Events


Conference for Priests 2016: Becoming a Better Preacher


TI in Arlington | Can Beauty Save the World? Aquinas on Art and Liturgy


"In the Beginning: Understanding Evolution with Faith and Reason"


Symposium: The Future of Catholicism in America 2016

Register for this event by clicking here.

Moderated by R. R. Reno and Mary Eberstadt:
12:30 PM      Philip Munoz: "God, Catholicism and the American Founders"
1:30 PM        Break
2:00 PM        George Weigel: "Murray's Critique of the American Future"
3:00 PM        Break
3:30 PM        Michael Hanby: "Technocracy and the Future of Christian Freedom"
4:30 PM        Break
5:00 PM        Russell Hittinger: "The Social Vision of Leo XIII in the 21st Century"


Thomistic Evolution: "In the Beginning: Understanding Evolution with Faith and Reason"

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