Immediately Upcoming

9/22 - 9/24 a conference at The Dominican House of Studies in DC:
“Ad Limina Apostolorum: Vatican II and the Future of Catholic-Protestant Ecumenism” featuring:
Dr. Matthew Levering, Dr. Hans Boersma, Dr. Kate Sonderegger, Dr. Lewis Ayres, Dr. John Bowlin, Fr. Richard Schenk, O.P., Dr. Bruce Marshall, Dr. Christoph Schwoebel, Dr. Bruce McCormack, Dr. Reinhard Huetter, Dr. Francesca Murphy, and Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. Co-sponsored by the Center for Barth Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary. Register here.

9/29 7:00 pm at Johns Hopkins Medical School (PCTB 113, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine):“Beyond Fact and Method: St. Thomas Aquinas on Science, Truth, and Wisdom” by Fr. James Brent, O.P. (Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception).Register here.
9/29 8:00 pm at Columbia University (Hamilton Hall 602):
“The Gods of the City and the City of God: Augustine on Politics” by Dr. Russell Hittinger (University of Tulsa). Co-sponsored by Columbia Catholic Ministry. Register here.


Catholic Truth in Our Contemporary World

The Thomistic Institute exists to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone.

The Thomistic Institute is part of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC.